Why you should choose us

"We love Sign In Central Record. It's so easy to use and see what info is needed, I would highly recommend it to other schools. It is so much easier to use effectively than the massive, unwieldy spreadsheet we used to have!"

Beth Evans
Cover and Compliance Officer, Mill Ford School

Simple and user friendly

Our system is straightforward, logical and enjoyable to use. It's visually attractive with the use of colour, icons and graphs which make it simple, easy to understand and extremely user friendly. It has a customisable dashboard based on exactly what you deem most important to track, as well as the ability to change this as an individual user (dependent on your role/status). All of this not only saves time but it's also displayed in a clear and precise layout so it's easy to keep track of any actions that are needed.

Stay informed and compliant

With our automatic updates, we take care of ensuring the system is fully in line with KCSiE requirements, meaning that you don't have to. This will allow you full peace of mind that you don't have to manually keep records up to date to ensure you adhere to the latest guidelines.

Gather insights easily with our customisable templates

With our system, you can make it completely bespoke to your internal requirements. Being able to add in new custom fields and sections to record all of your staff processes in one place, saves having multiple spreadsheets and programmes. This makes it easier to have a complete overview of all staff information and you can even create your own reminders; such as work anniversaries, birthdays, training updates or renewals.   

Quickly find any record you need

Search from any page to locate a staff member. If the user has access to multiple SCRs, the system will search across all records, and help you transfer profiles to avoid duplication.

Reporting made easy

There are multiple default reports to use, however, there is also the ability to be able to create your own custom reports to track your individual internal processes with specific conditions. This allows you to provide a much better overview of progress and makes it easy to keep on top of processes, as well as highlight any potential issues/areas for improvement. You can also export straight into excel or PDF for printing; most Inspectors are happy to see your SCR on Sign In Central Record, but if you do want to download your staff database, you can do so in a click.

Help is always on hand

Our customer support team provide advice on safeguarding questions, as well as help with technical issues within the system itself. Our friendly and dedicated team are always on hand to assist you. They pride themselves on their swift response times, which on average most queries are responded to within 10 minutes.    

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