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You work in an educational setting and so you've read countless articles about what to do, and what not to do, around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. But what technology can you use to help you track your institution's next steps?

If you have made yourself aware of the relevant considerations to be taken at an educational setting, you might now be wondering what the best method of tracking each action might be. What tool can you use to ensure that each step has been completed and recorded in a compliant manner, to provide a full historical record?

Mass emailing and notifications to parents and staff members are dated and can be searched, but not easily filtered through when inboxes are overflowing and time is too scarce to apply labels, attach to checklists or aggressively filter into folders and sub-folders accordingly. To-do list technology can keep a list for you, but cannot give you compliant records of when and how such tasks were completed.

What if there was a way to attach those to-do checklists, dates and notes to each individual that you need to contact, so that you have a full record of each action that has been taken, who completed it, and when?

With SCR Tracker's technology, you are able to do just this. What's more is we provide you with a searchable Audit Trail that tracks the exact dates each user records a change to your data.

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Above are just two examples of the kind of check-list you might have, kept in electronic form and recorded to provide a historical audit trail. As portrayed, these two sections, and their respective fields, would appear on each staff profile (you can even customise this so that it only shows for Teaching Staff or Support Staff, for example).

As illustrated in the above example,

  1. If you have sent out a self-disclosure form to staff members, remember to note the date it was signed and returned to you. 
  2. If your staff member has travelled to at-risk countries, you can record a start date for their self-isolation. This would allow you to trigger substitute teaching for the correct dates.
  3. If you have been told a staff member is at greater risk of complications, ensure you have measures in place to mitigate these risks and support your staff. Here, you are able to show that you have considered all avenues and recorded each step. Not only are you doing your due diligence, but you are also providing the most holistic support that you possibly can.

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  1. You could even add dates for when your staff members are no longer in isolation, which gives you exact lists of what you will need to action, and when, to support their return. 
  2. You are able to record that you gave each individual access to the cloud-based materials they would need: any contingency plans, guidelines, online learning portals and more.
  3. Our notes sections would give you the opportunity to record any specific extra information they may have given you, or you believe to be of significance. In so doing, you are efficiently safeguarding your staff members andyourself.
  4. Our profiles also allow you to attach documents to each staff record. You could add self-disclosure forms, written guidance, email transcripts, and even risk assessments. 

By using additional section types and fields on SCR Tracker, you would not only be able to record what action has been taken, but also when, and the system records which user is recording any changes. You now have a full check-list for each individual you need to contact, as well as a remote and central location to access such data. 

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It is important to note that the above system screenshots merely show an example of what the system can do – this is not what we have set to default, you will not be forced to take these steps. 

Each section type and field can be customised to suit your specific needs – and you can have as few, or as many, fields or sections as you would like. Our main aim is that the system is suited to what you need at your institution.

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Furthermore, you are able to bulk edit all of your staff profiles using our spreadsheet-style advanced editor. Say, for example, you sent out the same guidance or confidential documentation to all of your teaching staff on the same date, you would be able to enter that date along the entire column of teachers. 

You can also add your colleagues to the administrative panel of SCR Tracker – that way, you can all help each other with recording what actions have been taken.

SCR TRACKER single central record online software to track your school or educational institution vetting checks HR recruitment compliance statutory regulation guidance department for education legislation

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All in all, SCR Tracker can help you attach your to-do checklists, dates and notes to each individual that you need to contact, so that you have a full record of each action that has been taken, who completed it, and when. We can give you the peace of mind you need around your contingency plans, actions and records.

Would you like to see what else SCR Tracker can do for your institution? Request a demo today, to see some of the features and benefits you can look forward to. 

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Watch our introductory video hereQuestions? Contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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