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Come March 27th at 8am, we will be releasing a huge update to our platform, internally dubbed our Version 2. This has been under development since the first lockdown and our team are super excited to get this in front of you.

The system will be offline for a few hours while we complete the upgrade. Don't worry, all of your data will be safe.


When SCR Tracker was first built, it was designed around giving our customers the checks they needed to be compliant for their school in line with the relevant guidance. It soon became apparent that adding your own checks, applying conditions and customising the existing ones was paramount. We plugged this gap with Additional Checks but internally it's 2 opposing systems, our internal checks which cannot be tailored, and your custom checks which have limited functionality. Building anything on top of this has proved extremely complex.

This update fixes all of that.

We now have a new system that combines all the checks into a system, which we are calling Templates.

You will now be able to see all the built-in checks and, where allowed, you will be able to make modifications in our stunning new drag-and-drop editor. Templates are hierarchical. Your template will still be based on ours, so when legislation changes, we can update our template and it will continue to flow through to yours.

What else has changed?

Being able to show and hide checks based on the state of another is what gave our app a unique ability to be flexible. Now that we're no longer hampered by the old dual-system, we have recreated our Condition Logic engine from the ground up around the new Template system. You can now show and hide fields based on the values of other fields such as the start date, the current date, or even if it's their birthday.

We will also now be committing to a much more rapid release cycle to get many more exciting updates out to you this year, with the biggest feature of all coming within a few weeks, custom profile types.

Although we have essentially rebuilt the entire application, we have kept its look and feel with a few improvements.

Login Page

The first thing you’ll notice is our brand new Login page. The new page can now be bookmarked you can access the help guide should you have issues logging in.

Customisable Dashboard

Your dashboard is now customisable with a selection of Widgets available in a library (more to come!). You will see a default dashboard that has been set up for each school designed to look the same as before. The difference is you can now customise that dashboard and its individual widgets.

You can also create multiple dashboards that are either just for you or shareable amongst your School or Trust and of course pick your favourite that shows up on login.

One of the most powerful widgets here, is our Profile List. You can setup a Condition on the Profiles, so if you want to see who is starting this week or month, or maybe show who has overdue Training, just add this widget and adjust the Condition.

Dashboard Example

Profile List

We've added a Tags column, indicating if the person is Active, Onboarding or a Leaver.

The other major change is the filter. We’ve replaced the confusing bar with a component that will hopefully make it much more explanatory to what you’re seeing. Note, by default, it will now show you everyone that is not a leaver.

Don’t forget you can always click the dashboard items to go directly to the Profile List.

Profile Page

We've replaced the indicators with an overview panel on the left which is a lot clearer than before. When making an edit, a panel will now slide out from the right and scoring will also update instantly after a change.

And you can now change the profile type directly from within this page.

Advanced Editor

We’ve improved the styling to make it much easier to read and also incorporated the same filter you see in the profiles list. There is also some undo/redo functionality but otherwise, it is the same editor you are used to.

Advanced Editor


The Multi-Factor Authentication is now integrated. This will allow you to use Google Authenticator to add an extra layer of security to your account. We highly recommend enabling this. It also works with password management tools such as 1Password and Lastpass.

User Preferences

We've replaced the Languages section with User Preferences. Here you can set your default language, Timezone and select your default school that is shown when first opening the application.

Template Editing

Introducing our brand new drag-and-drop Template editor, this is where you will notice the biggest change. Here you will be able to see all the built-in checks as well as your custom ones and be able to make modifications to the section labels as well as the Profile Types and Rating Systems. (Custom Profile Types is not quite ready yet, it's coming next!!)

We hope it is fairly intuitive, but we will of course be putting lots of help guides up and be available if you have any questions.

Editing is now done in draft mode and when ready, just press Publish to go live. All changes are now versioned should you make a mistake and don't worry, deleting fields or sections does not automatically delete data!


We've improved on our Profile document management quite significantly. When viewing a Profile, documents are now located in their own tab and can be moved into the relevant sections if required. You can also drag and drop multiple files directly from your desktop to a section or to the documents page.

We really hope you enjoy these changes and look forward to now building on top of it. A lot of work has already begun and we cannot wait to get it in front of you.

If you do have problems or any feedback, please just contact us at help@scrtracker.com

What's gone?

  1. For our Trusts, there's no longer a school page. But you can add a schools list widget to your Dashboard, as well as using the school dropdown to quickly switch between. We will be expanding on the Trust reporting functionality soon.
  2. Manage Checks, Organisation Types, Additional Checks and Additional Section Types are now all part of the new Template system and can be managed through the Template Editor.
  3. There is no longer an Export to Excel button on the Advanced Editor. You can still access your Single Central Record report, which is immediately available on the Insights tab.

What's coming next?

We have a big exciting roadmap and have already started work on the next set of features. The top 3 requested features by far are the following, and are already well underway in development

  1. Add your own Profile Types
  2. Add your own Custom Notifications
  3. Add your own Custom Reports
  4. + lots more such as improved integrations, improved permissions and something extra special later this year.

We expect to see the Custom Profile Types update in the next few weeks with the others following shortly after.

Need Help? Have Questions? Want to suggest features?

If you need help, as always, please use the in-app help icon, or to see our guides visit http://help.scrtracker.com/. Alternatively, just contact help@scrtracker.com

We love hearing from people regarding features and ideas. Please just submit your ideas above and we’re happy to get them added to our roadmap.

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