Reports and Notifications

Export instant reports and enable status notifications.

Whether you're undergoing Inspection or generating reports for yourself or others, Sign In Central Reord provides you with the flexibility to see and understand your data in the way you need.

Reporting made easy

Quickly export a variety of default and custom-made reports for printing or additional filtering.

Instant audits listing any gaps

Save precious time with our Incomplete Profiles Report, giving you an immediate audit of any gaps in your records. Use these ahead of compliance meetings, or to recognise patterns and gaps in your processes.

Custom and present reports

Set up custom reports to track specific processes and staff groups you need, to be exported regularly ahead of meetings. Alternatively, our default reports for Leavers, New Starters, Late Dates and more are just one click away.

"We've now moved over to Sign In Central Record completely and it's been a life changer in terms of capturing information, and having a visual of where we're positioned in terms of being Ofsted and School Ready."

Candace Bertie
HR Manager, JFS School

Enable school status notifications

Daily or weekly email notifications are a great way to keep reminded of what staff profiles need your attention. A perfect way for Headteachers, or your Governing body, to stay in the loop and help you ensure your organisation stays Inspector-ready.

Notifications delivered straight to your inbox

Daily or weekly email notifications are a great way to keep reminded of what staff profiles need your attention.

Ensure your team can assist you with your school compliance

Notifications are a perfect way for Headteachers, Safeguarding Governors or other colleagues who don't necessarily need to log-in on a daily basis, to stay in-the-loop and help you ensure your organisation stays Inspector-ready.

"We were visited by Ofsted on the 27th February. It was easy to pull up the complete record for an individual and show that they were Ofsted and School Ready. Our safeguarding was found to be effective by the Inspector."

Anna Heath
School Business Manager, Westdale Infant School

Your customisable Dashboard

Add, rearrange and configure each widget within your Dashboard to suit your specific needs.

Add your own customisable widgets to track processes and groups

Keep track of your New Starters, their start dates and compliance percentages ahead of induction. Delve deeper by using custom widgets to surface upcoming training renewal dates, HR to-do lists and much more.

Configure every aspect to suit you

Edit profile type names, avatars, and system terminology to suit your processes best. You can also add your own custom profile types for every staff group you need.

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