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Safeguarding Development

Rachael Bishop, Safeguarding Officer

Rachael prides herself on using tried and tested strategic, value-based, empathic approaches. With over 18 years of experience paired with an extensive training record within the safeguarding field, Rachael has worked in a variety of sectors including Child Protection Social Care, Schools, Apprenticeships & Employability, The NHS, Mental Health Inpatient & Community Services, The Police, Substance Misuse, & Youth Offending. Rachael is a qualified, passionate trainer with vast experience to share from her previous roles as the Head of Safeguarding, Head of Human Resources, & Head of Employee Well-being across a number of organisations.

Introduction to Safeguarding: How to improve safeguarding measures in your school

Safeguarding means that we ensure that children & adults have their health & well-being rights protected and that we can all work together to protect people from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Schools & local authorities are governed by legislation & best practice guidance that promotes the safety & well-being of children & adults at risk. It is fundamental that any service, especially in education, ensure it supports children &/or adults and adheres to the relevant best practice guidance so they can demonstrate how this has been implemented and what the impact is.

We know that effective safeguarding works best when people operate within a ‘culture of vigilance’ whereby everyone promotes self-care, looks out for one another, & knows how to raise concerns or issues about unsafe practices.

Sign In Central Record supports its customers with legislative regulation updates and provides current, up-to-date, compliant advice & guidance. However, we want to be able to expand the level of support available, which is why we have now partnered with Rachael Bishop. Extra support and a range of additional (chargeable services) can now include reviewing policies & procedures, conducting independent audits & reviews, as well as providing bespoke or accredited training to meet service requirements. We want to ensure our customers have access to a trusted safeguarding expert when they need it most.

"Rachael puts her head, heart and soul into making safeguarding people a priority in any workplace. Her years of experience and expertise means that you can always rely on her to provide you with what you need to embed an effective safeguarding culture."

Co-founder and Managing Director
Our Minds Work Ltd. Global Mental Health Culture Change Experts

Safeguarding in schools

It is fundamental that any service that supports children and/or adults adheres to the relevant best practice guidance and can then demonstrate how this has been implemented, embedded, and what the impact is.

Schools are required to:
  1. Implement and embed ‘whole school’ policies and procedures.
  2. Ensure that all staff and volunteers are confident and competent in recognising, reporting, and responding to concerns.
  3. Ensure that teaching and learning support a culture of vigilance, awareness of safeguarding and how to promote safety for all, and health and wellbeing.
  4. Ensure that Safeguarding Leads and Management are confident in responding to and referring concerns.
  5. Ensure that leaders and Managers have effective partnerships with statutory and support agencies.
  6. Ensure Safer Recruitment processes are in place and monitored.

Safeguarding Webinars & Blogs

Every other month Rachael will be hosting a free webinar and writing blogs on various safeguarding topics. The next webinar will be held in 2023, further information to follow. To register your interest to receive news on both, please leave your email address below.

Watch the recording of Stress Management in Schools Webinar

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Safeguarding services available

Safeguarding consultancy includes:
  1. Strategic Safeguarding support for children, young people, and adults
  2. Support with implementing a robust safeguarding strategy and how to measure impact
  3. Safeguarding action planning and risk assessment
  4. Bespoke 1-1 or group coaching support
  5. Prevent duty risk assessment
  6. Independent investigations and recommendation reports
  7. Audits and planning
  8. Advice and guidance on complex cases
  9. Safer Recruitment advice
  10. Embedding a safeguarding culture strategy
Training, webinars and keynote speaking opportunities for your school
  1. A variety of fully accredited safeguarding related training courses.
  2. Various bespoke safeguarding training using a blended learning style; tailored to the needs of your safeguarding leads, employees, volunteers, managers, and board members/ governors.
  3. Webinar development and hosting, keynote speaking, and awareness-raising workshops.
  4. Design, review, and development of bespoke training or qualifications in the safeguarding related field.
Fully accredited training courses: 
  1. Advanced Designated Safeguarding Lead (Level 4)
  2. Safeguarding for Managers (Level 5)
  3. Safeguarding Awareness (Level 2)
  4. Radicalisation & Extremism Awareness (Level 2)

Benefits for schools

Complex case support

as well as access to an on-hand, knowledgeable, experienced, & approachable safeguarding expert

Access to a qualified trainer

and a variety of accredited/ bespoke training courses

Strategic & operational planning

as well as implementation support

Legal compliance

as well as best practise guidance

Additional Benefits

Enhances school reputation

and improves credibility, knowledge & employee skills

Protects service users & employees

in accordance with guidance for education

Prioritises employee safety

As well as improving their overall well-being

Promotes a safer environment for all

creating a culture of vigilance that enables staff to respond to welfare concerns, abuse, exploitation, & crisis

Latest safeguarding updates

Mental health issues affecting a pupil's attendance: guidance for schools

The government have released new guidance this week (7th Feb 2023) discussing how to support school attendance where there is a pupil experiencing social, emotional or mental health issues. Some key points in the guidance look at responsibilities for schools where a mental health issue is affecting attendance and provide examples of effective practice.

New guidance regarding how to make a referral to Prevent

New guidance (24th October 2022) from the Department for Education has been released detailing how to report any concerns you have about a child, young person or adult learner who you think may be vulnerable to being drawn into extremism.

SEND Review

The government has published a green paper on the future of the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision (AP) system and is undertaking a public consultation on the green paper’s proposals.

The Online Safety Bill 

The online safety laws will make the internet a safer place for everyone in the UK, especially children, while making sure that everyone can enjoy their right to freedom of expression online.

Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan 

Safeguarding Leads and schools should be aware of the new Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan published on the 30th of March 2022. The plan aims to “drive down the prevalence of domestic abuse and domestic homicide and provide victims and survivors with the support they need.”

What to know more?

If you have any questions or would like a full list and costs of bespoke and non-accredited training courses that Rachael offers, please leave your email address below.