TestimonialsIan Thistlewood - COO, Cognita Schoolsposted over 1 year ago

How did you hear about SCR Tracker?

We were one of SCR trackers' earlier clients, and as such, we didn't hear about them through a trade show or through the web or anything like that. We were specifically looking for a partner to build out our competency and our professionalism with how we handled SCR. And SCR Tracker were just the ticket for us at the time.

What initial challenges did you encounter that led to your decision to upgrade to SCR Tracker?

We operate over a hundred schools around the world, many of which are in the uk. And the need to safeguard the children in our care is our number one priority. Always has been. And it always will be. And part of that is having a robust and predictable process for managing pre-employment checks and capturing people on the SCR register.For us SCR Tracker was a way to integrate our approach for dealing with SCR, with our HR system and with our general people processes for bringing people into the organisation and therefore into contact with children. 

What made our solution stand out against our competitors/other software available? 

One of the key reasons that we chose to work with SCR Trackers on the basis of their willingness to become our partner in how we evolved and developed our processes around doing background checks and recording of those checks. They were particularly eager and professional in how they approached the unique system landscape that we have, where we wanted to integrate together our people system together with our SCR system and without MIS.

And really they were the partner who were most willing to develop alongside us rather than just give us a product that came off the shelf.

Has using our software helped you save time, resources, or money somehow? 

The level of compliance that we have as a result of implementing SCR Tracker is significantly higher. And I think crucially what we can do that we couldn't do previously was to identify where we have risks. Previously, there was the challenge of pulling out paper files, none of it being centralised and digital. And of course, now we can access potential risk areas from a central location, can work together with the schools, the administrative staff to make sure any perceived risks are either closed or in fact they are simply an error in the process somewhere. And so it's really allowed us to pursue our ambition to continuously improve. And I think when you're talking about that subject in the context of something like safeguarding, it really is very crucial.

What are the key areas that have either made your life easier or positively impacted the business? ​

The key thing that SCR Tracker has done for us is to reduce the risk associated with making a mistake in the pre-employment checking process, and then capturing that information on the SCR. Because it is now regulations change regularly and because of the potential high risk associated with it, what we wanted to do was to remove as many of the barriers to doing it properly and correctly that we could and we found that the combination of technology and reports and just generally a can do attitude from the team at SCR Tracker has really demonstrated their value to us and demonstrated to the organisation as a whole, the relative ease with which we can execute this this very important process of safeguarding our children.

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