TestimonialsSimone Noorie - School Administrator, Odyssey House Schoolposted over 1 year ago

How did you hear about Sign In Central Record?

The Founder and CEO of Odyssey House School, Charu Kashyap, brought the Sign In Central Record software to my attention, after receiving an introductory email. I immediately booked a call with the friendly customer success team, who went to great lengths with explanations and examples and introduced the software to me. Lisa tailored the introduction to our school’s needs, and it was both fascinating and refreshing to know that the founders of Sign In Central Record observed the difficulties schools faced without streamlined support – and then provided a credible solution.” 

What initial challenges did you encounter that led to your decision to upgrade to Sign In Central Record?

“As a small and newly found school, our resources were initially limited – thus we created our Single Central Record on Microsoft Excel. The live spreadsheet was compliant but required careful data input, which naturally left room for human error. Our administration team would carry out frequent audits to ensure all inputted data was correct, which was incredibly time-consuming. Knowing that the Sign In Central Record provided prompts and alerts for expiry dates of DBS certificates or training certificates, as examples, evidently contributed to our administration team working smarter with their time and more Strategically.”

Were there any external influences or industry trends that added to your decision to upgrade to us or an online automated solution?

“We needed an online automated solution to address the difficulties we were facing using Microsoft Excel. Having a central system implemented into the school created a secure foundation and left no room for mistakes and was a huge factor in upgrading our internal systems.”

What made our solution stand out against our competitors/other software available?

“Sign In Central Record stood out against competitors with its ability to be customisable to the user and the business' needs. As a business, being able to gather insights and extract information to produce statistics is a crucial part of growth. The school has appreciated being able to track and record individual internal processes in a non-complex way that is both time-efficient and accurate.”

How did you implement/introduce our solution?

“From the introductory call to the onboarding training, we were able to implement the software into our school in under two weeks effortlessly. The solution-focused software has established further trust within our Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment processes.”

What are the key areas that have either made your life easier or positively impacted the business?

“We are a newly established school that is rapidly expanding. Sign In Central Record has supported our employee recruitment process drastically. we can identify, if any, gaps in paperwork, be conscious of approaching deadlines and carry out disclosure checks with a faster turnaround time. The software has positively impacted our growing business and has become an essential tool to support the compliance and fulfilment of statutory requirements within the School.”

What features are most appealing to you and why?

“A feature that appealed to me instantaneously when introduced to Sign In Central Record was the home-page widgets. The widgets are most helpful in identifying gaps and obtaining information expeditiously. Accessing information in this way, cannot be achieved using Microsoft Excel, and is a simple and smart way to use time efficiently when ensuring your database is compliant with Safeguarding legislation and policies.”

Has using our software helped save you time, resources, or money somehow?

“Sign In Central Record has saved our school time, resources, and money. Our administration team have saved time, as audits do not need to be carried out as frequently as they were on a live Excel spreadsheet because of how secure and attentive the software is to data input. Our school, where possible, aims to be paperless. We can now save resources by attaching electronic files to each employee’s profile on SCR Tracker to evidence completed documents and vetting checks that have been carried out. We have saved money by carrying out disclosure checks through the SCR Tracker software, which differed from the slightly more expensive third-party providers we were previously using. Additionally, the turnaround time for disclosure checks through the software has been incredibly swift – our new employees are able to join the team sooner as a result.”

What success have you experienced overall since using Sign In Central Record?

“We can manage and monitor our Single Central Record with ease, knowing that any inputted errors will alert the user immediately. We can now confidently navigate through the platform, with our data, highlighted green and labelled inspector ready and school ready. Our school recently had a quality assurance inspection by the neighbouring local authority, and they were incredibly impressed with our Single Central Record and Safer Recruitment Processes - all feedback that we received was highly positive.”

Is there anything else you would like to add, or any other particular highlight?

“It can be quite daunting to introduce new software into a workplace, where the team may be comfortable using a more familiar software such as Microsoft Excel. However, the team at Sign In Central Record made the transitioning process very smooth sailing. After the onboarding training with Alicia, who patiently guided me through the steps to transfer our Single Central Record data onto the software, within a couple of days we were confidently using SCR Tracker. The team have provided ongoing and instantaneous support via email and web chat – the service has been second to none!”

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