TestimonialsRichard Woodlands - Inclusion Director, West Country Schoolsposted over 1 year ago

How did you hear about SCR Tracker?

 “I first heard about SCR tracker through speaking to one of the directors of safeguarding network, an organisation that we work closely with here at West Country School’s Trust.”

What initial challenges did you encounter that led to your decision to upgrade to SCR Tracker?

“Prior to using SCR tracker, although we had given all our schools a template for the single central record, we were finding that they were going off-piste and adding extra columns and not using it in the way that we had prescribed. All of those problems are taken away if you move to the online portal of SCR tracker.”

What made our solution stand out against our competitors/other software available?

“For me, one of the standout features of this product is just the simplicity and  ease of use.

Although at first, the portal might look a little almost childlike it's so intuitive and so user-friendly, our administrative staff who manage our single central records absolutely love the platform.”

What are the key areas that have either made your life easier or positively impacted the business?

“Being able to remote into the individual single central record of any of our 27 schools, from our West Country HQ is a real boon for us. It means that we save time actually going into schools and looking at Excel spreadsheets, or we save time by not having to send them back and forth by email or being set up on shared platforms.  The online nature of the product means that it can be accessed remotely at any point in real-time and that is a really useful feature for us.”

What features are most appealing to you and why?

“Some of the features that we find really useful as a multi-academy trust, are being able to easily copy or transfer profiles between our schools, where we have members of staff on secondment or working across a number of schools it means that we can do that in a time efficient manner and allow our staff to concentrate on other things rather than multiple data entries.”

Has using our software helped you save time, resources, or money somehow?

“I think the ease of use and efficiency of the system, as well as the fact that we can move profiles between our schools, has helped massively. We get weekly reports on the health of our single central records and our 27 academies which dramatically helps us save time. It makes our work more efficient and means that we can be concentrating on other tasks, safe and secure in the knowledge that our single central records are up to date and would pass muster should they be inspected.”

What success have you experienced overall since using SCR Tracker?

“Since we’ve been using SCR tracker, a number of our schools have been visited by the inspector and we've had no problems with showing the evidence required to show that safeguarding is effective within this area.”

Is there anything else you would like to add, or any other particular highlight?

“As a final comment, I would just like to say that as a company, SCR tracker is really responsive from the initial sales demonstration, right through to the training and the subsequent onboarding of additional academies as our trust has grown, the customer service has been fantastic. 

Furthermore, the team are always willing to hear new ideas and I can testify that some of the comments I made about making the product easier to use when schools are facing an inspection are listened to and put into the process. You can now click a button, to create a downloadable version of the SCR, just incorporating the data fields that you would want to share with an HMI; so that's a real concrete example of how the company listens to their customers and tries to improve the product.”

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