Central Management

Immediate overviews from one central place.

Sign In Central Record makes it easier than ever to see immediate SCR snapshots of all of your schools. Anticipate issues before they become a problem.

Central trust-wide dashboards and overviews

Immediate overviews of which schools need your attention most.

Trust-level dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to track all school SCRs, compliance percentages, as well as clicking directly into each school to delve deeper. Use your organisations list icon to quickly switch between school SCRs.

Trust-wide compliance overviews

Instead of having to check through each school SCR Excel, you will now be able to immediately and proactively see which schools need your attention most. Use Incomplete Profiles reports to complete immediate audits.

Central Team management

We provide an extra Central Team SCR to all Trusts to keep your central team records safely in your hands.

Extra Central Team SCR

This extra SCR can be used to keep all of your records safe for central team colleagues, and any shared staff across your Trust.

Control permissions to the Central Team SCR

You can keep control of administering your central team SCR, but you can allow school-level users read-only access to these records if you wish to. You can also keep this entirely separate from your schools if you'd prefer to do so.

Control over your trust-wide permissions

Full control of which users can access your SCRs, and what actions they can perform

Control user access to all SCRs

You can ensure each user has access to their own school SCR, or, if you have groups of people needing access to multiple SCRs, you can control which aspects of the system they have access to.

Control user actions across your Trust

You can add read-only access users to your SCR(s), or choose a more specific level of permission, using each toggle provided.

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