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Your new Single Central Recordis secure, compliant and simple.

Award-winning software designed by school staff, for school staff. Stay easily up-to-date with changing statutory guidance, and check your compliance overview at a glance.

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"All of our system users are finding the system easy to use, and we have had lots of positive feedback from staff across the Trust. Whenever we have had a query, the Sign In Central Record support team always gets back to us ASAP. I just wish we had moved to this system sooner!"

Emma Nunn
Trust Compliance Manager, HEARTS Academy Trust

What is Sign In Central Record?

Sign In Central Record is an online software solution that was created by a School Business Manager. We understand the time restraints and problems that schools face on a regular basis and have spent the past three years developing and continually improving our automated system.

Our online Single Central Record tracker can save you valuable hours and automate manual tasks you would normally do on excel, as well as ensuring you are fully compliant and up to date with the latest safeguarding guidelines.

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"Single Central Registers are the single biggest failure of inspection for our schools. For the past 18 months we have been trying to find a product to ensure compliance with legislation and that can easily track missing data. We carried out an online demo of Sign In Central Record and their software offers another option for schools to help do this."

Why do I need this software?

If you are unsure whether our software is for you, simply ask yourself the following questions...

  1. Are you tired of manually entering data into time-consuming excel spreadsheets, only to find gaps in your records?
  2. Struggling to remember important updates and adhere to regulation changes?
  3. Do audits/inspections cause you unnecessary stress by having to find the additional time to try and prepare?
  4. Do you have multiple sites and want all data stored in one place, so it's easily transferable and all in one format for consistency?
  5. Are you looking for a new automated centralised solution that will save you time, ensure accuracy and compliance all with minimal cost or effort?

If you answered yes to any, or indeed all, of the above questions then Sign In Central Record is exactly what you need and we are here to help you!

What are the benefits?

  1. Our software was designed by school staff, for school staff
  2. 100% of our schools have passed their Ofsted and ISI Inspections
  3. Simple & easy to use with our customisable user-friendly dashboard
  4. Support and training is available whenever you have questions or need a little extra help
  5. Order enhanced DBS checks with our fully integrated service
  6. Save valuable hours with our automated checks and reporting tools
  7. Affordable, our plans start from as little as £349 p/a

Become compliant with Department for Education guidelines

Be ready for Ofsted and ISI Inspections

Say goodbye to sleepless nights ahead of Inspections, knowing at a glance that you're compliant with statutory requirements and custom processes.

Stay notified ahead of DfE regulation changes

Stay proactively up-to-date with statutory guidance changes. Our notification emails let you know in advance of changes in legislation, helping you get ready for new compliance processes.

Easily import your existing Single Central Record

It's quick and easy to import your existing Single Central Record into our application.

Import your Excel spreadsheet

It's easy and intuitive to align our blank spreadsheet to your columns, and quickly copy/paste directly into our software, auto-saving as you go. No more complicated column-mapping importers!

Import from MIS or HR systems

Use either Groupcall Xporter or Wonde to import your staff data from existing MIS, pulling through daily changes and your new starters.

"Sign In Central Record has been invaluable to me, you give me peace of mind with my safer recruitment processes. We passed the audit with flying colours, with glowing remarks from the Lead. The support and guidance available is excellent and has never let me down."

Maggie McPherson
CST Compliance Officer, Balsall Common Primary School


We go the extra mile to ensure data security, protection and encryption

Audit Logs

Your security is our top priority

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"The transition to Sign In Central Record has been a remarkably smooth and professional experience ... I can not speak highly enough of the assistance with the data transfer and the training on the software provided."

Michael Butcher
Operations Manager, Mill Hill School Foundation


Sign In Central Record was announced as a Finalist in the Bett Awards 2021, in a consecutive year to winning the ‘Highly Commended’ Award at the Bett Awards 2020!

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