The powerful integration of Sign In Central Record and Sign In App

Discover a safer and more secure way to manage your school's visitor management system.

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Streamlined Entry Process

By integrating Sign In App and Sign In Central Record, we streamline the visitor entry process without compromising security. Experience a seamless and efficient system.

Automatic Denial

Instantly deny entry to individuals who haven't passed all required checks. Our system prevents unauthorised access, maintaining a secure environment.

Seamless MIS Integration

Our integrated Sign In App and Sign In Central Record require only one Management Information System (MIS) connection to work harmoniously and communicate effortlessly with each other.

"Sign In Central Record is an excellent resource to quickly, efficiently and easily track statutory safeguarding checks."

Philippa Ollerhead
NAHT Safeguarding Course Leader

Real-Time Updates

Information from Sign In Central Record updates in real time, providing immediate access to the most recent visitor data. Stay up to date and maintain accurate records effortlessly.

Notifiable Events

Stay informed and in control with real-time notifications when specific visitor groups, such as Agency Staff, enter your school. React promptly to ensure the safety of your premises.

Elevate Safety Standards

By implementing Sign In App and Sign In Central Record, you enhance your school's safety standards, providing peace of mind for staff, students, and parents.

"All of our system users are finding the system easy to use, and we have had lots of positive feedback from staff across the Trust."

Emma Nunn
Trust Compliance Manager, Hearts Academy Trust

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