NEW: Online Checks Feature

Internet and Social Media Checks

In association with our partner Verifile, we can now offer additional online checks including; internet and social media searches to the Enhanced DBS Service.

Social Media Checks

Verifile's search will check an individual's online reputation across various social media platforms, identifying both positive and negative aspects of their online activity. The social media search costs £42.50 and takes 2-4 working days.


The search looks for positive activities such as charitable and volunteering work, as well as inappropriate content such as illegal activities, discriminatory or hateful behaviour, violence, extreme views, potential addictions, or sexually explicit content.

How does it work?

The search uses artificial intelligence to translate content from most languages into English. All reports include a screen grab of the social media profile page and any ‘red flag’ material found.

"Single Central Record Tracker is an excellent resource to quickly, efficiently and easily track statutory safeguarding checks."

Philippa Ollerhead
NAHT Safeguarding Course Leader

Internet Checks

Using their current name and keywords from their CV, we'll search for information on an individual in over 1000 search engines, including the 'invisible web'. The internet search costs £42.50 and takes 1-2 working days.

Data Sources

"1000 search engines in 120 specialised categories, some based on language or country, including the "Invisible Web", which is hidden to generic search engines."

"We were visited by Ofsted on 27th February. It was easy to pull up the complete record for an individual and show that they were Ofsted and school ready. Our safeguarding was found to be effective by the Inspector."

Anna Heath
School Business Manager, Westdale Infant School

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